And then there was a Lich King!!!

Notes from session 1 2-19-2011
Notes and quotes

After arriving at June and Lances at approximately 4pm it became apparent very quickly (slowly?) that things were not likely going to move along at a rapid pace. So as time ticked by and not much was yet going on, I started jotting down the occaisional small note. Here’s what I had:

We officially get started

3 hours and 46 lost minutes later…(we are doing a lot that amounts to very little as Noah valiently tries to get us together and engaged in the actual campain. This was a more painful process than anyone anticipated :-) Mike sits and laughs at us, June can’t find a reason a to leave the in and Eric becomes a bouncer for free beer… I get arrested for flaming my hand, Lance hides around the corner and Harley loses his mind in character as a Paladin)

First damaged monster

Compaign just became fun!

With a mightly heft, Lance swings and hits…himself!

Harley and I kill the boss, no one else even knows he existed…

10:56pm Eric finished reading his character sheet…

11:06pm Noah reveals, yea, about the problem with the magical darkness…apparently there is no longer any Dispel Magic in D&D 4th edition… “My bad”…

Pat’s dog misses…

Pat haggles for damage

Lance inexplicably becomes effective. I can no longer hit the floor with a rock…

June gets her Second Wind

June opens 1/2 can of whup-ass

2 Books…That’s all I’m saying…

Death Blow…I can’t explain it (in a monitored forum)

Pat leaves

Eric denied

Wait, I don’t have 2 two books at all! No wonder I’ve been missing! WTH happened to the other book??? JUNE!!!

Dog sic nuts!

Mike rolls a 20 (and subsequently begins declaring he saved us all)

With 2 books restored, Joe now kills again.

Eric: “Son of bitch!”

So all tolled, just a hair shy of 10 hours at the gaming table… 8 3/4 hours of actual gaming and…<drumroll>…16 actual rounds of combat…. That means it took 7 players, plus the dungeon master approximately 33 minutes per round to say “I do this”… Hopefully we’ll get more efficient next time :-)

Notes from Bob the guard
Lieutenants report

Preliminary report

Having rounded up the usual suspects to enter the Thieves Guild for the third time this month, we think putting the new Paladin in to empty it out might work, maybe he can figure out how to dispel the darkness before everyone dies. There were a couple of last minute add-on’s, we got lucky and found a pair of Barbarians, brother’s it would seem, although one is a Goliath and one is a Half-Orc so you do the math, a druid or some such (maybe a shaman, I never asked) wandered into town and got caught up in the sweep, as well as the few (10 in all down from the 40 last week) desperate fellows who read the posts around town about muscle being needed, if this run doesn’t work we aren’t going to be able to find anyone suitable to do this job anymore. The wizards say the magical locks on the windows will only hold a day or so more, preventing the mad run we had four weeks ago when we tried to burn the place down and all the skeletons got out. We will need to bolster our number from surrounding towns as soon as possible if this gambit doesn’t work. None of the new recruits haggled for more money or asked any questions about the job they were being given.

Secondary report – sent by runner

Sir, It’s astounding, they seem to be very well organized, at first I thought I was going to have to try and force the issue, but it seemed after a very long time looking for information and equipment, asking almost no questions, they drew their own conclusions, at this very moment they have smashed down the door with a battering ram while one of the barbarian brothers, (the fellow with the hook), is scaling the outside of the building. they have opted to keep some of the rabble outside deciding they will do better with fewer numbers, (I believe they are all crazed). Here’s to hoping for victory. It seems the paladin was a fine choice as he keeps trying to get everyone to charge the building.

Tertiary report

It’s unbelievable, the building still stands and they have all walked out. A guy came up and asked me what was going on, then he bet me he could help rescue everyone and come out alive, he bet me 30 gold pieces, (his wage for going in), I agreed as this is within the 60 gold pieces you promised anyone who wanted more money, he did not haggle any further and proceeded to enter the building. Then a dragon-born walked up smashed through our barrier, I was sure we were going to have a problem as I thought he must be a brute for the TG, but when confronted with the choice of prison fines or 30g payment he proceeded into the building, last but not least, we found a gnome attempting to pickpocket the crowd and forced her to join in the fray. The hooked barbarian smashed in a window on the top floor and threw down a grappling hook in order to allow the riff-raff below to come to him and descend that way. I believe the inn down the street was robbed as well, but we haven’t investigated as of yet, I have dispatched two men to find out what happened and I should have a report by this evening for you.


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